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Why Do You Need Pest Control Service?

There are a LOT of bugs in Texas. Nest Pest Control in Houston is here to make your day better by eliminating all the pests that are, well, pestering you!

We exterminate spiders, roaches & other household bugs

We’ll trap and eliminate the mice eating your food and making a mess

We stop raccoons from destroying your attic and chewing on wires, etc. by humanely capturing them and releasing them in the wild.

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We exterminate spiders, roaches & other household bugs

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We’ll trap and eliminate the mice eating your food and making a mess

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We stop raccoons from destroying your attic and chewing on wires, etc. by humanely capturing them and releasing them in the wild.

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Which Pests Are Giving You Problems?

Cockroaches, bees, mice, spiders and more. We eliminate the pest problem!

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Insects and More, Like Spiders & Roaches

No one likes it when bugs infiltrate their home. Your home should be protected from Spiders, Roaches, Ants and other arthropods. Nest Pest Control is perhaps the best pest exterminator in Houston.
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Bloodsucking Parasites Like Bed Bugs & Fleas

Imagine waking up covered in bites. Maybe it happened to you this morning? Well, you found the right place, because Nest Pest Control eliminates bed bugs and other biting insects, including mosquitoes.
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Invasive Wildlife Like Raccoons, Rats & Mice

Raccoons destroying the attic, squirrels chewing wires and rats & mice making holes in the walls are all minor problems with wildlife. Major problems include extensive property damage and disease.

Read More about Wildlife Removal

No Bugs

No Bites

No Problem

We think we are great, but you don’t need to take our word for it.

Pest Control Testimonials & Reviews

My son saw a rat in his new apartment (Friday night) but companies that we called weren’t able to come until Monday. James responded right away and Dejohn came out within two hours to take care of it. They were professional and responsive. My son would have been fretting all weekend without their quick service.

Susan Kerin

Thomas did an excellent job. He came to my house on short notice and inspected the areas thoroughly. He came back one week later to make sure we were not having any problems. I would totally recommend Thomas to make sure the job is done. Very professional and pleasant to work with. 5+ rating!

Sonya Caraway

Nest Pest responded quickly, explained what they were doing, what to expect, and what to look for. He set traps, followed up twice to ensure that no more work was necessary. Very thorough and professional.

Andrea Zachary

A Little About Nest Pest Control

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Hi, I am James, the owner of Nest Pest Control. I’ve been serving the community I live in for a decade. We’ve been growing and exterminating lots of bugs, relocating wildlife and generally making the world an easier place to breathe in.

Nest Pest Control Services including our wildlife control services are now in Houston! We love this town and really want to serve you by making your life free of bugs, mice and other pests that can really be a pain to deal with on your owm.

I personally have 20 years of experience exterminating pests and my team has dozens more. Together, we can make a big difference in your comfort and we can start right now on the phone or even with a simple message to start a quote. So let’s talk!

Pest Control in Action: Bed Bugs Extermination

Bed bugs are atrocious creatures. They can go months without a meal, but when they get close to a good meal, you, they attack and bite while you are sleeping.

Although they don’t usually carry disease, thank goodness, they are a pestilence that needs to be eradicated from your home. And a bug spray wont cut it, either. Instead you literally have to cook them to death!

But forst, it starts with an inspection. In this particular home, we found bed bugs on the bed, of course, but also in the sofa, the carpet and even the car. That was tricky.

The way to exterminate bed bugs is by putting the mattress, sofa or other furniture into a bag, and then blowing heated air into it until they roast to death. For the car, we had them leave it outside in the sun for 4 days, vacuumed up the dead bed bugs, then do it again. Then  we put a spray that can usually kill the nits.

After all this, we come back in about two weeks to make sure we got all of them. Most of the time we have controlled the bed bug problem, but if not, we do it all over.

At the end of the treatment process, this customer was so happy to sleep well at night again. We can do the same for you, too.

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We work all over the Houston, TX area, from the Woodlands to Sugar City and Houston, of course!

We Eliminate All Pests

We exterminate a lot of different pests. Below is a list of many that affect southeast Texas.

If you have a pest in your home that is not on this list, we can eradicate it as well. Just call us!

Cockroaches (both German and American)
Bed Bugs
Black Ants
Carpenter Ants
Red Ants
Yellow Jackets
Velvet Ants

Spiders (all types)
Flies (infestations, not individual flies)
Tick Control
Stink Bugs

Box Elder Bugs
Love Bugs

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