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Roaches can become a problem before you even realize it.

Why you need to get treatment for Cockroaches:

  • If they are visible in your home, you already have an infestation.
  • Their fecal droppings, which look like pepper flakes, are in corners of your home, on your counters, and possibly in your food.
  • Cockroaches can carry salmonella bacteria and can make your own food dangerous.
  • You find roaches in wood cabinets, other wooden furniture like dressers, in pipes and bathrooms, basements and even in your flower beds.

Nest Cockroach Extermination Service is the Solution!

Nest Pest Control is experienced in exterminating cockroaches. Here is a story of one of our clients:
We received a call from a homeowner who was almost to tears with a roach problem.
She had an infestation of roaches all over her home. She kept her home clean and had tried multiple products from the store. No matter what she tried, nothing was working. The roaches were multiplying, not dying. We booked her an appointment right away. When we arrived, we first scouted out all the places they were nesting, then we found all the ways they were getting into the home.

Cockroaches are known to “hitchhike” any way they can. Roaches eat wood, cloth, garbage, and a lot of other things. They often get caught in things like luggage, boxes or even shopping bags. They can also hitch a ride in clothing or shoes from outside adventures. Cockroaches naturally live where it’s wet. They love decay and water. Cockroaches are good in nature because they help break down dead and rotting wood and other materials. Unfortunately, that means that they also like hanging out in our flowerbeds, gardens, and wood piles.

Nest Pest Control searches for cockroach nests and entry points like foundation cracks, doors with poor weatherstripping and other openings. Once we determine where they live and how they get into the home, then we can start treatment.
Bait is the best way to kill cockroaches completely. Roaches not only eat plants, garbage and our own food, they also eat dead insects including each other. Poisonous bait will not only be effective at killing the roach that eats it, but it will also kill the roaches that feed off of the poisoned roach. This will then poison the rest of the community and kill the whole nest.

We laid down the bait and sprayed to keep the cockroaches from entering our homeowner’s house. The spray is effective for up to three months. We continue to come back every few months to keep up the treatment and ensure our homeowner that the cockroaches will never return.

The only time this customer sees roaches now are dead ones, outside her home.

dead cockroach

Dead German Cockroach. We exterminate them from your home.

Nest Pest Control is the best Cockroach Exterminator

There are thousands of species of cockroach. The German Cockroach is the most common as a household pest. One female roach will lay up to 50 eggs at a time and can produce more than 400 offspring in its lifetime. Because of the rapid reproduction rate, it is a good idea to act fast when you see roaches in your home.

Cockroaches can carry diseases like salmonella, and other bacteria that are harmful to us humans.  Roaches are very dirty and will leave their waste in any place in our home, including any food they might get into. Call Nest Pest Control right away so we can keep you and your family safe.


Nest Pest Control is Experienced in Killing Pests

We’ve been exterminating pests for over 20 years. Not only do we get rid of cockroaches, but we will eliminate other pests from your home like ants, spiders, bed bugs and many others. 

Don’t deal with living with pests in your home. Call us today and book an appointment to eliminate the problem. Our pest control treatments work and will get rid of the problem for good.

dead cockroach in houston

An American cockroach. Dead after a cockroach control treatment.

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    Here are some reviews from actual customers who know what Nest Pest Control can do, including exterminating roaches.

    Pest Control
    June 9, 2022

    Thomas did an excellent job. He came to my house on short notice and inspected the areas thoroughly. He came back one week later to make sure we were not having any problems. I would totally recommend Thomas to make sure the job is done. Very professional and pleasant to work with. 5+ rating!

    Mouse Control
    June 9, 2022

    Nest Services came out and did a great job getting rid of my mice. We call about three other company’s and they couldn’t get rid of the problem! We call Nest Service and they came out and found the entry points right away! You guys are for real and I will always use them. Thanks

    Cockroach Control
    June 9, 2022

    We where having a bad problem with roaches! We call another company that came out and a horrible job. After they did the service we still had a roach problem. My wife said that we need to get another company. We was referred from a friend to call Nest Pest Control. They came out and identify where the roaches was nesting. They came out twice and ever since then we have not seen any roaches at all! We will be use them forever.. Thanks Ryan

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    Nest Pest Control is Houston’s Choice for a Cockroach Exterminator.

    We have decades of experience in cockroach and pest control.

    We train our experts to know how to deal with pests like roaches and other arthropods.

     Cockroaches will be gone from your home for at least 3 months, we guarantee it.

    If they continue to be a problem, we will treat your home until they are gone for good, and at no additional cost to you.

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      What pest are you dealing with?

      What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)

      Did you know…

      The cockroach depends on other living organisms to survive. The roach eats our waste as well as the waste of plants and trees, and the remains of other bugs. Although the cockroach can resist higher levels of nuclear radiation than humans can, without other living organisms to leave waste behind, the roach would ultimately die out.


      Do you have questions about cockroach extermination, pest control, or our company? Here are a few answers to help you:

      Why is it so hard to KILL a cockroach?

      Cockroaches can handle some pretty tough situations. They can withstand some pretty high heats and even levels of radiation that would kill a human. They have exoskeletons, like armor, that can shift and move so they can get into tight places and still be able move around. They are also able to digest protein sources from rather unconventional places like from cardboard and paper.

      Still, there are good ways to kill them and keep them away. Call and talk to our experts at Nest Pest Control to see how we can keep your home pest free.

      Where can I find cockroaches in my home?

      Cockroaches like dark and damp areas the best, but they also like areas with lots of food options. Roaches feast on plants, wood, and other dead insects, so they can be found in our gardens or in our homes. Most people notice roaches in their kitchens because roaches also will eat our food. However, roaches can be found anywhere in the home including basements, piping, bathrooms and even in bedroom drawers.

      Cockroaches come in through cracks from the outside that can be found in the foundation or walls, utility holes that are not correctly sealed, and other openings to our homes. Roaches can also get into our home by being carried in by us on our clothing or in boxes or bags.

      Who will answer when I call Nest Pest Control?

      One of our friendly dispatchers will answer the phone. They are ready and able to answer any of your questions and get an appointment set up for you,

      Who is the owner of Nest Pest Control?
      James Williams has over 20+ years of pest control experience. James owns Nest Pest Control Service which is expanding its service throughout the U.S. He is excited to continue to keep homes and businesses pest free for many more years to come.
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        What pest are you dealing with?

        What part of the property is affected? (Select all that apply)